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I’m a Florida-based freelance journalist who has spent more than two decades crafting top-quality articles for websites, magazines and newspapers.

These days, everyone wants to know how to save money and spend what they have more wisely, and much of my work is focused on the fascinating field of personal finance. You can find my byline on articles about credit cards and debit cards, savings and checking accounts, health care reform, insurance, real estate, financial scams and frauds, and a wealth of other topics.

Along with personal finance, I write regularly about workplace issues and international higher education – tapping into the knowledge and skills I’ve honed during years of living and traveling abroad.

You can find my work in places such as,,, Yahoo, Fox Business, AAA World, Science, Workforce Management, International Educator, and scores of other publications

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Susan Ladika Freelance Writer

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I've been a writer and editor for more than two decades, getting my grounding at newspapers and The Associated Press.

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