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International Educator: Socially Conscious. March/April 2015 Dangers Of Applying For An Online Payday Loan. Feb. 17, 2015 Fighting Back Against The Growing Threat Of Tax Fraud. Feb. 4, 2015 It's Getting Easier To Do Good By Linking Your Spending To Your Favorite Charity. February 2015

2014 Old-School Phone Scammers Make Comeback With Modern Twist. Oct. 24, 2014 Paying Guests? Check Your Homeowners Policy. Aug. 06, 2014 Study: Data Breaches Pose A Greater Risk. July 23, 2014 Siren Chasers: Avoid Help You Don't Ask For. July 8, 2014 Spotting And Avoiding Hidden Hotel Fees. July 7, 2014

International Educator: Women And Children First. March/April 2014 It’s 2018. Your Car Knows You’re Drunk. Feb. 6, 2014 Obamacare Penalty For The Uninsured: 8 Questions. Jan. 17, 2014 Teens May Be Too Poor To Drive. Jan. 10, 2014

2013 Why A Generation Gave Up On Cars.  Dec. 2, 2013 Who’s Safer: Young Driver Or Old? Nov. 19, 2013 My Health Insurance Company Keeps Calling Me. Sept. 18, 2013 Don’t Let A Rental Scam Spoil Your Vacation. Sept. 6, 2013

International Educator: Stop Traffic! September/October 2013 How To Buy A Car After Bankruptcy. Aug. 20, 2013 Can A Drone Bust You For Speeding? July 29, 2013

Workforce: The Responsible Way. July 16, 2013 Pet Wellness Plans Touted To Spread Out Vet Costs. June 29, 2013

Workforce: Nicotine Screenings Snuff Out Some Employment Offers At Health Care Companies. April 30, 2013

International Educator: After The Curtain Fell. January/February 2013

2012 Car Insurance For Snowbirds. Nov. 26, 2012 While You Were Out: Insurance Claims That Arise While You’re Away. Oct. 31, 2012 Study Finds Domestic Violence, “Coerced Debt” Often Go Together. Sept. 26, 2012

Workforce: Companies Find Fruitful Results When Hiring Aautistic Workers. July 16, 2012

Workforce: Manufacturers Go Back To School To Fnd New Hires. April 3, 2012

Workforce: Whistling While You Work. April 2, 2012 Tax ID Theft Skyrockets; Thieves Feasting On Refund Bonanza. March 26, 2012 Florida Insurance Reform: Lower Rates Ahead? March 20, 2012

International Educator: Finding A Home In Higher Education. January/February 201


International Educator: Building A Literate World. September/October 2011 The last message you’ll ever send: From behind the wheel? Aug. 10, 2011 Strange Reasons States May Snatch Your Driver’s License. July 18, 2011 Will A Health Condition Kill Your Life Insurance Options? July 7, 2011

International Educator: Empowerment! July/August 2011 Medical Marijuana Sellers Can’t Take Their 420 Money To The Bank. April 20, 2011 You’re Never Too Old To Land A New Job. April 18, 2011

Workforce: Global Turmoil Tests Ability To Protect Workers. April 7, 2011

Workforce: Some Firms Find That In-House Clinics Are Just What The Doctor Ordered. March 20, 2011 After A Disaster, Frauds Pose As Charities To Take Your Card Info. March 18, 2011

2010 Track Your Teen’s Driving And Cut Car Insurance Costs. Dec. 27, 2010

FYI Magazine: Elmhurst’s Star In The Broadcast Booth. Fall 2010 Tips For Minimizing Danger Of Using An ATM Card Abroad. Aug. 25, 2010 Documents You Need When Disaster Strikes. May 13, 2010 Credit Card Travel Perks Make Them Good Travel Partners. March 11, 2010 Screening A New Home Insurance Company. Feb. 24, 2010

AAA World: 2 Days, 1 Night In Tampa, Florida. February 2010 Energy Tax Credits Tempt Homeowners. Jan. 20, 2010

International Educator: The Unprivileged Child. January/February 2010

2009 Green Auto Loans Offer Lower Rates. Aug. 26, 2009

Think + Up: What’s Delaying Digital Health Records. June 29, 2009

PM Network: Right On Time—Project Teams Have To Come Up With A Schedule And Then Stick To It.  June 2009

Think + Up: The Race To Commercialize Cellulosic Ethanol. May 30, 2009 Borrowing With Personal Lines Of Credit. May 26, 2009

International Educator: Beyond Stereotypes In Education Abroad. March/April 2009

Think + Up: Fusion Advancing As Future Energy Source. March 31, 2009

HGTV’s About Sarasota. Jan. 15, 2009

Toronto Star: Forget Football—Tampa Offers Super Animal Show. Jan. 10, 2009


Forward: Staying Power—As Baby Boomers Retire, A Lot Of Institutional Knowledge Will Go With Them. Keeping Them On The Payroll Might Be The Best Option. November/December 2008.

Developer: Hurricane Proof—Gulf Coast Developers Look For Ways To Shore Up Their Properties From Stormy Weather. Nov. 16, 2008

International Educator: Nursing Goes Global. November/December 2008.

Vancouver Sun: High Over Albuquerque. Sept. 27, 2008

Rotarian: Bridging Generations—How Your Club Can Attract New Age Groups. September 2008

PM Network: New Turf—Project Management Is Sspreading Into Uncharted Tterritories, Winning Over Skeptics With Big Results. August 2008

St. Petersburg Times: Older Adults Face A Sobering Reality. June 24, 2008

HR Magazine: When Learning Lasts A Lifetime. May 2008

International Educator: East Africa—Limited Resources, Endless Possibilities. March/April 2008


Tampa Bay Business Journal: Homebuilders Focus On Efficiency. Nov. 2, 2007

International Educator: Promise Of Peace. May/June 2007

Multifamily Executive: Reality Check—South Florida Adjusts To Life After Condomania. April 2007

Forward: Across The Generational Divide—Baby Boomer Managers Face A Challenge Adjusting To The Work Style Of Younger Recruits. March/April 2007

PM Network: Lead The Way—Not Everyone Will Be Immediately Sold On The Wonders Of Adopting A More Project-Based Culture. Show Some Leadership And They Will Come Around. April 2007

Developer: Developing Story—Developer Picks The Commercial Real Estate Trends To Watch In 2007. Winter 2007


St. Petersburg Times: Too Busy To Get Old—Baby Boomers And Others Of Retirement Age Are Finding New Life As Volunteers In A World Of Possibilities. Nov. 28, 2006

HR Magazine: Trouble On The Hiring Front. October 2006

HR Magazine: The Brain Race. April 2006

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: From Aromatic Market To Plate In Exotic Bali. Feb. 26, 2006

Tampa Bay Business Journal: A Neighborhood Of Restoration. Feb. 10, 2006


HR Magazine: Meth Madness. December 2005

San Francisco Chronicle: Bratislava Comes To Life—Slovakia’s Llively Capital Emerges From Post-Communist Dreariness. Oct. 23, 2005

PM Network: More With Less—Managers Must Find Ways To Help Projects And Teams Flourish Even As Resources Diminish. March 2005

Science: DNA Helps Identify Missing In The Tsunami Zone. Jan. 28, 2005


AmericanStyle: For Pete’s Sake—Once A Haven For The Older Set, St. Petersburg Is Rejuvenating Itself As A Haven For The Arts. December 2004

Workforce Management: A Delicate Balance: Business Needs And Employees’ Lives In Chaos. October 2004

Associated Press: Kittens Give New Life To Woman Who Shunned Public Because Of Epilepsy.June 19, 2004

Freedom: Not For Sale—The fight To End The 21st Century Slave Trade. Summer 2004


PM Network: Treat Diversity As Your Asset For Uncommon Gains. November 2003

AmericanStyle: Holding Court—A Visionary Group Of Florida Artists Brings New Life To A Dilapidated ’20s Era Neighborhood. Fall 2003

St. Petersburg Times: Bosnia’s Forensic Experts Offer Hope For Iraqi Families. July 13, 2003

St Petersburg Times: Croatian Charm—The Seaside City Oof Split, Where People Live In An Ancient Palace, Is Reviving Croatia’s Status As A Tourist Mecca. March 2, 2003

Town & Country: Sunshine Estates. January 2003


Science: Salvaging Florida’s Orchids. May 10, 2002

Science: Disciplines Team Up To Take The Pulse Of Tampa Bay. Feb. 22, 2002

Miami Herald: Sarasota: Cultural Gem, Circus Setting. Feb. 17, 2002

Tampa Tribune: Cottage Community Of Artists. Jan. 6, 2002


San Francisco Chronicle: Redefining Women’s Work Iin Postwar Kosovo. Dec. 28, 2001

Associated Press: Forgotten Gypsies. Aug. 27, 2001

Science: Laying Ghosts To Rest In Bosnia. Aug. 24, 2001

Town & Country: Arts Complex. June 2001

Science: Tracing The Shadowy Origins Of Nuclear Contraband. June 1, 2001

2000 and Earlier

Wall Street Journal-Europe: Old Meets New Iin Viennese Arts Center. Dec. 22-23, 2000

Houston Chronicle: Austria Hopes Compensation Plan Closes Dark Chapter—Country Admits It Can’t Make Up For Nazi Slave Laborers’ Suffering. April 9, 2000

TWA Ambassador: Extremes – The Oldest Subway. February 2000

Wall Street Journal-Europe: Polo School Connects With Riding Fans. 1999

U.S. News & World Report: Europe’s Year Of The Avalanche—White Death Claims 70 Llives Iin The Alps. Feb. 28, 1999

Wall Street Journal Europe: Select Horses Are Handpicked For Unique Stage Careers—Devoted Staff Groom Famed Lipizzaners For Ballet-Style Performance. April 28, 1997

The Economist: Magyar Malls. Nov. 9, 1996